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The Mayor of London has launched the #BehindEveryGreatCity campaign to drive gender equality across London and global cities to champion an inclusive global tech economy that works for everyone.
If you're a young entrepreneur thinking about new horizons, going to a place that's cosmopolitan, that's diverse, that has some of the most talented people in the world. You've got to choose London.
Sadiq Khan
Mayor of London

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London is home to some of the best creative and tech minds from all over the world - the success of London’s tech sector is built on a diverse talent pool and a welcoming and inclusive environment.

  • Globally, firms with at least 30% females in leadership positions see a 15% increase in revenue (EY)
  • Teams that are racially diverse perform 35% better, across the UK as well as North and South America (McKinsey)
  • Globally, 85% of companies with a diversity & inclusiveness strategy report improvements to the bottom line (PwC)
  • $12 trillion could be added to global GDP by 2025 by advancing women's equality (McKinsey)

Set up in London

Set up in London and benefit from the city's tech ecosystem

Meet our women tech leaders

These individuals have built hugely successful tech businesses and share their valuable insight.

Some of the female leaders behind London

What does an inclusive workforce mean in practice and how can you get there? These individuals have built hugely successful tech businesses and share their valuable insight.

Female entrepreneurs of London

Talking about the importance of building diverse teams in order to ‘win’… 

"If you want to win today you have to be building a company that is inclusive. You have to build teams that reflect the world around us; you have to be able to empower your team.”

Crystal Hutter – Co-founder and Advisor, Edmodo

Talking about London’s business culture…

“London has this open mindset and so many people looking to help you take your dream from a seed to really as fast paced growth as you can manage. It’s an amazing place to start your business.”

Dupsy Abiola – Head of Global Innovation, IAG

Female innovators of London

On the opportunity for cities such as London and San Francisco to collaborate…

“In a globalised world there’s a real opportunity for major city centres like London and San Francisco to cross pollinate their knowledge, their perspective, their populations their expertise it enables a mass collaboration and expands both cultures and mindsets.”

Julie Hanna – Serial Entrepreneur and Executive Chairwoman, Kiva

On why you should promote diverse teams in the workplace…

“Having a diverse team future proofs you and makes you much better able to solve the problem and that has also been shown by the financial results. It’s also more fun.”

Sherry Coutu – Serial Entrepreneur

Top female collaborators in London

On why diversity matters for tech businesses…

“It’s crucial we have women and diversity in our businesses if we are going to build the right technology that benefits everybody not just the few.”

Tabitha Goldstaub – Co-founder, CognitionX

Why London is a great place to grow your business…

“To any company thinking of expanding to London, I can’t think of another city where you could find so much diversity and richness of expertise and experiences in any industry whether its healthcare, finance, fashion, food…we have it all so please come join us.”

Tamara Rajah – Founder and CEO, Live Better With

On setting a good example for others to be inspired by…

“I certainly wouldn’t have become a construction engineer or a tech founder and CEO if I didn’t see other women doing it and looking at them and thinking to myself well if they can do it certainly I can do it too. So setting a good example and making sure that the people who represent the city are diverse and inclusive is probably one of the best things cities can do.”

Tracy Young – Co-founder and CEO of PlanGrid

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