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From Saatchi & Saatchi to Framestore and Shazam, creative energy makes Londoners tick. Now, companies are bringing that sense of innovation to the world, through games development, fashtech and retailtech, adtech, film and VFX, and ecommerce. Join the world’s most inspiring visionaries and let them enhance your potential. The capital of Europe’s creative economy is ready to play.

A leader for games

With 636 video game companies, including Improbable, Sports Interactive and Niantic, London is a hub for games.[1] Creative firms flock to London to access the UK’s customer base, and this industry is no different, with the UK leading Europe in digital video games revenue.[2] 

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Where fashion and retail tech flourishes

London: one of the fashion capitals of the world, and home to two of the top three global fashion schools, including the no.1 London College of Fashion.[3] Combine this with tech-savvy consumers and London’s position as a leading city in software and mobile app development – and you understand why London promises to be a crucible for innovation in retailtech and fashtech.

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A hub for immersive technology

What links Meta, Snap and Microsoft? They are all innovating in immersive tech and have all invested in a growing office presence in London. In fact, the market size, measured by revenue, of the UK’s immersive industry is £1.9bn in 2022, with 33% of the UK’s VR and AR usage occurring in London.[4][5]

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The next Hollywood

The UK is a world leader in film production and in recent years, London has become a hotspot destination for studios and companies specialising in post-production, virtual production and VFX. There is a strong sense of community and connectivity as many key industry events take place in London every year, such as the BFI London Film Festival and the VFX Festival London. 

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