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London gives games companies access to talent, a vibrant ecosystem with companies of all sizes, and financial support through the Video Games Tax Relief, R&D and access to VCs.

Find out why London provides such a great opportunity for games companies.

1. Games success

Some of the world’s biggest global successes – Football Manager, Monument Valley, Candy Crush Saga, the Batman Arkham series – have all been created in London. Those famous games are matched with a network of expert games studios and publishers, such as Activision Blizzard, SEGA, Sony Interactive Entertainment, King, Bossa Studios, Riot Games and Niantic.

2. Exceptional talent

With 636 games developers and publishers based in London and almost half of them in the centre  there’s a dense population of engineering and design talent[1]. London’s talent pool for games companies is heightened by graduates from 97 games-specific degree courses available in the capital[2].

London is an incredible centre of innovation, which lends itself to the creation of new gaming genres, that's unmatched elsewhere in the world.
Roberta Lucca, Co-founder and Chief Brand Officer
Bossa Studios

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3. Growth incentives

The UK’s creative sector is thriving, thanks to a high level of support from the government and industry bodies. The Video Games Tax Relief (VGTR) allows studios to claim back 20% of qualifying spend for a game wholly developed in the UK or European Economic Area. The UK Games Fund provides prototype grants to help young games companies. 

4. Investment hotspot

The UK's games industry is rapidly expanding and is attracting incredible levels of VC investment including from overseas investors, with London leading the way. 

Between 2017 and 2021, VC deals worth over £999m have been completed in London’s video games and esports sector. [3] 

London is also home to games-specific venture capitalists, including Hiro Capital and London Venture Partners, to further boost research and development in the games industry. 

5. The next wave

London has an open, innovative mindset ready to explore new technologies. A study found that the UK and France lead Europe for interest in the metaverse.[4] VR is one of the UK’s fastest growing entertainment and media sectors, showing the huge potential of the UK customer base for technology businesses.  

Esports is a sector demonstrating rapid growth globally – and London is stepping up to the forefront. The capital is home to Fnatic, the world’s third most-watched esports brand in 2020 who have raised $36m to date.[5] The UK boasts an almost 8% share of the global esports industry, set to reach $1.6bn by 2023.[6] 

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