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Blockchain image. Credit: Shutterstock / Oleksii Lishchyshyn
London’s blockchain ecosystem is hugely varied, marked by open and continuous communication between government, industry, incubators, research institutions, startups and students. Here are five reasons why London leads in blockchain.

1. Regulators that think ahead

The UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) leads the way in the development of the regulation of blockchain business and applications. Its work has been described as “the gold standard” by Christopher Giancarlo, chairman of the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission.[1]

2. A buzzing ecosystem

The UK recorded 16.7% of all blockchain startups in 2016, second only to the USA.[2]Blockchain Summit London is the largest blockchain-dedicated event in Europe, bringing together 5,000 industry leaders, business decision makers, tech innovators and investors.[3]

3. Cutting-edge research

London's universities are at the forefront of research in the blockchain space. UCL is a partner in Ripple’s prestigious $50m University Blockchain Research Initiative (UBRI)[4], supporting and accelerating academic research and innovation in blockchain, cryptocurrency and digital payments. 

Given the multicultural nature of this city, the language, the timezone and the atmosphere here, it is a no-brainer that London is where you should set up a blockchain business.

4. Deep talent pool

London is home to more software developers than any other European city, with more than 350,000 workers across the capital, ahead of Paris, Madrid and Berlin.[5] With a 16% share of international blockchain job openings, London tops the list among international metropolitan areas.[6]

5. Investment hub

From startups to IPOs, London is investing in blockchain. VC investment into London blockchain companies totalled £280m in 2018.[7] Argo Blockchain plc became the first crypto-mining service provider to IPO onto the main market of London Stock Exchange in 2018.

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