London Tower Bridge and the Shard at purple sunset.

Welcome to the London Alliance

London is more than just a place: it’s a community, a mindset, an attitude. Londoners are resilient, open and optimistic, and it is Londoners who will unite to support each other and renew our city.

Help spread the word about the Because I’m a Londoner campaign and use our free downloadable content to promote your business responsibly to customers in your local neighbourhood.

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The mission

London & Partners has launched a citywide Alliance of businesses and an umbrella campaign called “Because I’m a Londoner”, in order to support London’s culture, retail, hospitality and events sectors to thrive after coronavirus.

The campaign will encourage sustainable and responsible recovery in consumer spending and build consumer confidence. We want to reassure Londoners and inspire them to once again safely experience the local neighbourhoods that we know and love across the city.

By doing this, it will help get people back into jobs, protect our cultural organisations and secure the unique culture and lifestyle that makes London a global magnet for talent and investment.

What is the London Alliance?

The Alliance brings together London’s businesses, brands, cultural organisations and city authorities in a collective response to the coronavirus outbreak. It is led by London & Partners and supported by the Mayor of London and Transport for London.

What are we going to do?

The Alliance team at London & Partners will lead with a simple citywide message, based on research that understands what Londoners want.

Our messaging will inspire confidence in Londoners that they’ll have a great experience and encourage them to share their passion for the capital.

Working with businesses across the capital in a collective response, we will show solidarity using the Because I’m a Londoner campaign, to bring us together and responsibly encourage consumer confidence.

How can I support the campaign?

You can show your support by encouraging your networks to sign up to the Alliance; spreading the word to Londoners far and wide; and amplifying the campaign on your channels with our free-to-use assets.

As part of the London Alliance, you’ll receive access to an exciting range of campaign content for you to use to promote your business across your own channels.

Reach your local neighbourhood and inspire customers to shop responsibly with you with this toolkit of free-to-use assets, featuring social media posts, shareable videos, posts and much more.

Your support will ensure that London thrives and continues to be one of the best cities in the world.