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For example, if you are designing a brand new website for someone, most times you will have to make sure the prototype looks finished by inserting text or photos or what have you. The purpose of this is so the person viewing the prototype has a chance to actually feel and understand the idea behind what you have created.

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This isn’t a text generator at all but what this person did was put together some English gibberish in the form of what we use and create the most. For example instead of just paragraphs of ‘lorem ipsum’, we have text put together that simulates real uses—for example, they have created a Terms and Conditions ‘excerpt’—most of which also includes some HTML and CSS styling

"I'm really excited to be part of the Mayor's International Business Programme as a mentor. Having been part of establishing and growing businesses in London, New York and San Francisco, I know how challenging it can be figuring out the road ahead and I learnt on informal mentors on many occasions for help. I hope I can use my experiences to help someone taking a similar journey."

Rhodri Thomas, Swiftkey

The programme will give you access to a wealth of expert advice from our programme partners. They can provide guidance on practical issues including commercial, legal, banking and accounting assistance.

Some of the best advice and insight comes from other entrepreneurs. To that end, the programme will connect you with your fellow programme members to enable you to learn from the up-to-the-minute experience of other fast-growth, internationally-minded businesses.

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